Fragrance Friday: Vol. 1

Fragrance Friday: Vol. 1

Our first foray into fragrance notes and ingredients begins with a very special scent family: aldehydes!

Aldehydes are organic compounds that are made widely available as synthetics for use in fragrance and perfumery. Examples of organic materials containing aldehydes are rose, citrus rind, pine and cinnamon. Used in fragrances, aldehydes are the "enhancer" molecules-designed to enhance the notes, sillage (projection and performance) and sparkling quality of scents. 

Made famous by Chanel No. 5 perfume, aldehydes can be described as soapy, metallic, fresh, zesty and hit the nose instantly with sharpness. Perfumers use them almost always in formulating notes, accords and finished fragrances. Some examples of aldehydic fragrances you may know include Estee Lauder White Linen, Tom Ford Metallique, Byredo Blanche.

Do you enjoy that bubbly, effervescent quality in fragrances? Stay tuned next week when we share a new note!

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