sustainability + our impact

sustainability + our impact

as we enter the new year, sustainability is at the top of my mind when it comes to my lifestyle and business. here are a few ways we try to reduce our impact on the planet while giving you quality hand-made candles that you love.


Our candles are made with 100% soy wax which was grown in the USA, a renewable resource. We never use dyes or additives so what you are breathing in is simply safe, high quality fragrance oils from trusted suppliers. Paraffin waxes are a petroleum by-product and many popular candle brands contain ingredients that you don't need to be breathing in--thats why we keep it simple!

Our candles are poured into beautiful glass vessels that can be cleaned out and reused for many purposes. I love to store my makeup brushes and hair ties in mine. Some vessels are painted so please do not use them as drinking vessels. Instead reuse or place them in your glass recycling bin. 


Our packaging is nearly 100% recyclable. We do not purchase new packing products like bubble wrap or packing peanuts--those are simply reused from supply orders. Packing peanuts are biodegradable and can dissolve in water or be thrown into your compost bin. Plastic bubble wrap can be recycled as well as any other paper packaging.

We decided against using lids for candles as they almost always end up in the trash, instead using recycled cardboard boxes. We also print our labels on a ink-less printer and do not include any paper invoices to reduce our paper waste. The postcards you receive in your box can be recycled but hold onto that discount code! 

We hope to switch to paper-based packing tape but for now please discard tape before recycling your boxes.



In order to keep our impact low, all of our shipments are carbon neutral. We partner with Offset by Shopify to neutralize the carbon footprint while our candles are being shipped across the country. In 2021 we helped offset 117 kg of carbon and hope to double that in 2022. 


Being a small business means that the choice we make for our products are researched and thoughtfully chosen. We support a small, local business who supplies our wax, a family-owned company in California for our vessels and a US-based company to print our labels. We try our best to source the right materials with great quality. 

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